The Gecko Pub Quiz 2017 – post quiz analysis

Spring 2017 brought us blunders at the Oscars in Hollywood, drama in the Champions League and the final triggering of Article 50. It also heralded the return of the much loved annual Gecko Pub Quiz.

Quizzers rumbled into the Railway Tavern for another evening of tricks, teasers and tickles. 6 fiendish categories, 12 devilish dingbats and 4 boisterous bonus rounds were all fiercely contested, with the victor taking home an indulgent hamper of goodies.

For those of you who couldn’t join us here are a few of the questions to test yourself with;

Geography – Photographer Oliver Curtis has taken photos with his back to famous landmarks – can you name this one?


TV & Film – Which of the following did NOT parody Donald Trump in 2016?
a) Jimmy Fallon
b) Meryl Streep
c) Will Ferrell
d) Alex Baldwin

History & Culture  What was the full name and title of the gentleman that Princess Margaret was forbidden from marrying?

Sports – Can you match the countries to their national sports?
a) Sri Lanka                   i) Volleyball
b) Pakistan                    ii) Archery
c) Bangladesh             iii) Field Hockey
d) Bhutan                    iv) Kabbadi

Science & Technology – Can you name the following fruit?


Music – Can you name the song which has been drawn by primary school children?


Taking the stage was our very own  Richard Osman, Denesh Srikantharajah who expertly guided the guests throughout the evening as our tall and awkward quiz master.

Once all the questions were over and the scores had been tallied, in a Gecko Pub Quiz first, there were two teams which were tied on points; “Let’s Get Down to Quizzness to defeat the Puns” & “Universally Challenged” both scoring an impressive 61 points from the 90 on offer.

To break the deadlock both teams went head-to-head in a tiebreaker round – nearest answer wins;

How many songs did Ed Sheeran have in the top 20 that day (March 12th)?

“Let’s Get Down to Quizzness” stole the show by correctly answering 16 to “Universally Challenged “‘s 9, and walk away with the well-deserved prize!

Thanks again to the Railway Tavern for providing a great venue again, and to everyone who joined us on he night. We raised an incredible £480 for charity and are looking forward to adding it at the Gecko Sixes on June 10th!

Answers below;

Geography – Statue of Liberty

TV & Film – c) Will Ferrell (Parodied George W Bush, not Donald Trump)


History & Culture – Group Captain Peter Townsend

Sri Lanka – Volleyball (A-i)
Pakistan – Field Hockey (B-iii)
Bangladesh – Kabbadi (C-iv)
Bhutan – Archery (D-ii)

A) Durian
B) Mangosteen
C) Cacau

Music – Cake by the Ocean by DNCE


About geckosrilanka

Gecko Sri Lanka is a UK registered charity founded in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by a group of second generation Sri Lankan students.
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