Gecko Pub Quiz 2016

2016 Pub Quiz PosterBy Ashan

As per Gecko tradition, once more we see off another -Sri Lankan- year with our infamous Gecko Pub Quiz 2016! (SL NYE: April 13th, fun fact for future quizzes)

On a typically cold February Sunday, Gecko Sri Lanka welcomed our guests into the Railway Tavern for our warm company, warmer food, and hot as hellfire pub quiz. Six rounds, eight questions each.

For those who couldn’t make it, here is just a little taster of what you were missing out on:


tim-peake-space-selfie1)Science & Technology: What is happening in this photo?

2) Sport: Who was the highest run scorer for Sri Lanka in tests for 2015?

3)  Geography: List these UK cities in order from East to West? A) Liverpool, B) Edinburgh, C) Carlisle, D) Manchester

4) TV & Film:Romesh Ranganathan hosted a BBC comedy show in Sri Lanka – what was it called?

5) Which protest of December 16, 1773 was the catalyst for the American Revolutionary War?

6) Music: What song is being described in this video? (from our international correspondent and well known gecko, Hemita!)

Once more, our own Denesh Srikantharajah kept the evening lively with his easy-going, Dermot O’Leary-style of hosting. As quizmaster he brought back the classic bonus rounds, such as the loveable “Heads or Tails” and our quick fire round.

When all said and done, we collected the answers, counted the points, and in the end it was Madu’s team who won by a point! Team “Ross Geller” (named due to their married couples… and one guy called Ross) got to walk home with their heads held high, beaming with pride… and cinema vouchers!


Thanks again to everyone who attended, not just for making it another fun filled night, but for helping us raise £465 for charity! We hope to see you all next year for more brain teasing questions  and fun-filled bonus rounds!



Answers: (1) Selfie from space, (2) Dinesh Chandimal, (3) D-C-A-B , (4) Asian Provocateur, (5) The Boston Tea Party, (6) Black Magic by Little Mix!


About geckosrilanka

Gecko Sri Lanka is a UK registered charity founded in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by a group of second generation Sri Lankan students.
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