The Gecko Sixes 2014 – Coming Soon!

By Wikum

We’re just 1 week away from the 2014 edition of our annual charity cricket tournament that so many have come to enjoy over the years! As with last year, it’ll be held at the Victoria Recreation Ground in Surbiton, on Saturday 2nd August, with registration opening at 11am.

We are all pumped up for a great day of cricket following the Sri Lankan team’s successes this year, including a World T20 trophy and a first ever Test series win in England featuring some of the best Test cricket you will ever see! For the uninitiated, our super-short format of the beautiful game (5-overs per innings, 6 players per team) takes cricket to new extremes! There’s so much happening ball by ball, every delivery is crucial. Over the years, unique tactics have developed that set apart the Sixes from any other type of cricket. Here are some tips for success:

1. The Toss: It’s difficult to know what is a good score to set, so where possible opt to bat second – knowing what to chase allows your batsmen to pace the innings accordingly and avoid risky batting. If you do have to bat first, a ‘par’ score is about 50, or 10 runs an over (just a couple of boundaries, a couple of singles – easy!)

2. Bowling: You want your best bowler opening the attack as early wickets can create heaps of pressure that is difficult to recover from. Always bowl at the stumps and go for wickets – a containment strategy won’t work! One bad over can be very costly. Also, wides count as extra balls in the final over, so make sure your final bowler can at least keep it straight!

3. Batting: Dot balls can really stifle momentum – instead of going for big shots and swinging and missing, aim to get bat on ball for every delivery, and keep the runs ticking. Be patient against their strongest bowlers, there will always be other bowlers to target if you haven’t thrown away your wicket! And remember: girls score double runs and aunties score triple runs!

4. Fielding: Generally everyone should be fielding right on the boundary, spread out to cover as much of the pitch as possible – stopping boundaries is the key, as is taking catches when they come! You want a dependable wicket keeper to prevent byes, and for fast bowlers you might even need a backstop!

5. Forget about the cricket! For those less inclined to physical exertion there are plenty of other reasons to come to the Gecko Sixes, which is always a great summer’s day out! Come to enjoy the glorious weather, enjoy our delicious Sri Lankan food, and spectate on some thrilling matches. You’ll also be able to hear more about our charity and its aims. The proceeds from this year’s event will be going towards the Meththa Foundation.

The Meththa Foundation 

This UK based charity aims to provide artificial limbs to amputees who received injuries during the recent conflict in Sri Lanka. Their long term objective is to help develop rehabilitation facilities in Sri Lanka for all types of long term disabilities. They do this by collecting discarded prosthetic limbs from rehabilitation units all over the UK. The limbs are shipped to Sri Lanka, where they are fitted to a shaft and ‘Jaipur’ foot, with an enveloping skin material to match the patient’s own skin colour. Fitting each limb in this way costs about £125, provided free of charge to each patient. In the first 2 years of operation, over 2000 prosthetic limbs have been fitted. Gecko Sri Lanka hopes the proceeds from this year’s Sixes event will be able to aid the Meththa Foundation and the inspiring work that they accomplish.



About geckosrilanka

Gecko Sri Lanka is a UK registered charity founded in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by a group of second generation Sri Lankan students.
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