Movember- The Month of Manliness

By Ashan
November 1st, some think of it as the day after Halloween, others as the build-up to Christmas, but it’s also known for another reason, it’s the start of Movember!

To those of you who don’t know, Movember is a month which separates the men from the boys! In short it’s a month where men, better known as Mo-Bros, grow out their moustaches to promote and support men’s health.

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. –

So what are the rules you ask, well it’s quite simple;

  • Step one, shave! No trimming or shaping what’s already on your face, whip out the Gillette (or equivalent) and clean that bad boy off!
  • Step two,  let it grow! Grow it out as much as you can in the next month, but no connecting it to a goatee or side burns, that’s considered a beard!
  • Step three, promote awareness and fund raise!

But of course it’s not just about growing it out, styling is very important! Think of it as a chance to experiment with your looks, I’ll even throw in a Mario themed guide for those looking for inspiration;

But just what is it all for? Well it’s to support the many aspects of men’s health, specifically Testicular and Prostate Cancer. According to, 1 in 270 men are at risk of developing testicular cancer, and 1 in 6 men are at risk of developing prostate cancer, even worse being that 1 in 36 are at risk of dying from it! Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t like those odds! Thankfully Movember is around to support those unfortunate enough in 4 ways;

  • Survivorship – We will fund survivorship initiatives that provide information and support for men and their families affected by prostate cancer that will help them to make informed decisions and will improve their quality of life.
  • Awareness and education – Through our annual campaign and funded programmes we will significantly increase the understanding of the health risks that men face and will encourage men to act upon on that increased understanding.
  • Prostate and testicular cancer research – We will fund catalytic research and clinical trials infrastructure that leads to significantly improved diagnostic and prognostic tests and treatments to reduce the burden of prostate and testicular cancer.
  •  Influencing change in men’s health-  We will fund research that helps to inform health policy and knowledge translation that accelerates improved health outcomes for men.

So join in and support a good cause, be that by supporting one of our Mo-Bros or joining in yourself! You’ll save yourself a shave whilst helping out your fellow man! Plus it’ll keep your face warm in these winter months!!

Oh and don’t worry about looking like an idiot, I’m a 21 year old man with the facial hair of a 16 year old. Whatever happens, you’re bound to look better than me!


About geckosrilanka

Gecko Sri Lanka is a UK registered charity founded in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by a group of second generation Sri Lankan students.
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