A Wish For The New Year

By Rasieka

Mid April beckons intense preparation

Sinhalese & Tamils spare no expense in celebration

Floors polished; houses spring cleaned

Rice flour pounded & sweetmeats cooked


Larders stocked & gardens tidied

With April showers the Lankan New Year is heralded

Temple bells will be peeling, ushering in the New Year

Devotees flock to temples for worship & prayer.


Milk rice bubbling on the hearth lit at auspicious time

Young girls sit around rabans beating to rhythm & rhyme

Beetle leaves are offered to elders with love & respect

Wishes exchanged in anticipation of a year with great prospects.


An auspicious colour for the New Year, by the powers be is chosen

All dress in new clothes which are home stitched or woven

Among many physical pursuits, Tug of War is a favourite game

A Prince & Princess is crowned & bask in the Avrudu fame.


Fire crackers are lit; they produce a deafening sound

Sweet meats exchanged as plates are sent around

At the auspicious time, families sit for a festive feast

Tables laden with rare delicacies; indeed a welcome treat.


United the Sinhalese & Tamils, celebrated the dawn of the New Year

There was no violence or disharmony; & certainly never any fear

From my childhood in Lanka, I remember this as the New Year

I doubt these still happen, due to traumas in recent years.


I yearn for those good old days, when the community spirit did reign

We enjoyed as innocent children, oblivious to ethnicity & origin

If I could make only one wish, for Sri Lanka this next New Year

It would be for peace & harmony as enjoyed in those yester years.


About geckosrilanka

Gecko Sri Lanka is a UK registered charity founded in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by a group of second generation Sri Lankan students.
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