Gecko Sixes 2011

By Geoff

Gecko Sixes 2011

Fancy yourself as a big-hitting opening batsman?
Or maybe a speed-demon fast bowler?
Possibly even the strategic leader of a winning team…?

Either way, the Gecko Sixes is an opportunity for you to prove it, in a mildly competitive, fun day out.

What is it?
The Sixes is an annual day of cricketing competition, in a light-hearted manner, organised and run by the cricket-mad folk at Gecko Sri Lanka (p.s. that’s all of us!).

The structure is simple – teams of 6 players, with matches of 5 overs per team – ensuring each game is fast-paced and enjoyable. Mixed teams are absolutely encouraged – the more people involved the better, irrespective of age, gender or ability. In fact, to encourage as many people to participate as possible, all games are also played with a soft ball, and any runs scored by the girls will count double!

It’s none too serious – the aim of the day is to raise some money for a worthy cause, but to have some fun at the same time.

How do I get involved?
Just come on down to West Byfleet Recreation Ground (Camphill Road, KT14) on Saturday 6th August, at 12pm.

No pre-registration is needed, but if you definitely know you’re coming along, please drop an email to:, just to help us get together an idea of rough numbers for organisational purposes.

Bring your friends along – if you can form a team, that’s great, if not teams can be made on the day. All equipment etc will be set up and provided, although obviously if you want to bring your own, that’s of course fine.

To enter, there’s the small matter of a £5 entry fee per player (£3 for spectators), and refreshments will be available on the day, including delicious Sri Lankan treats, at a small cost.

Where are the proceeds going?

Here is some information about where the proceeds from this event will go. It is a truly worthy cause, and I hope it will motivate many of you to come and have some cricketing fun in the name of charity and compassion:

The money raised from the Gecko Sixes will be used to support a village redevelopment project in the Vanni region of Sri Lanka, an area devastated by the intense fighting between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Armed forces. The villagers of Malayalapuram have endured much suffering and hardship over recent years. Displaced from their homes, they were caught up in the final battle in Pulli Vaaikal and those that survived were moved to Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps.

Having now returned home they are trying to rebuild their lives and regain a sense of normality after the tragic upheaval of war. And there is much that we can do to help. The area is sorely lacking in infrastructure and basic amenities such as running water and electricity. With only a few major donor organisations operating in this area, every contribution is vital. Gecko will be supporting the existing work of the registered organisation Kaveri Kala Manram, in partnership with the local Rural Development Society on the ground in Sri Lanka.

Your generous support by attending and participating in the Gecko Sixes will be much appreciated to bolster our contribution to this worthy initiative.

Still want more?
If you want to see who else is coming, check out our Facebook page here. Or to find out more about what we do, take a look at the about us page on this blog.

Hopefully see you there 🙂


About geckosrilanka

Gecko Sri Lanka is a UK registered charity founded in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by a group of second generation Sri Lankan students.
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