Five Things I Love About Gecko

by Suvi

5.  The way Ham signs off his name (e.g. Hamuel L. Jackson/ Hamjar/ David Hameron/ Gecko Gossip Girl)

4. Our famous Mojitos!!!

3. Hanging out with the members! Catching up with gossip/ playing games/ building a human pyramid/ busting some moves while partying!

2. The adrenaline I get from jumping out of a plane/ running a marathon/ and the other crazy fundraising activities we do.

1. Lastly, seeing with my own eyes how much we have helped others like the small children, parents, doctors and nurses at Lady Ridgeway children’s hospital where we equipped a room to be used as an Intensive Care Unit with the proceeds of my marathon run.

All the patients, parents and staff we met were so grateful (like the girl in this picture, who was recovering from pneumonia, contracted in the IDP camps shortly after the war ended), and realising that all that suffering I had endured while training and running the actual race was worth EVERY PENNY that was raised, every mile I ran and every toenail that I lost (4 by the way)!


About geckosrilanka

Gecko Sri Lanka is a UK registered charity founded in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by a group of second generation Sri Lankan students.
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